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Predicting Fatigue to Prevent Mistakes

 In the modern world, there are many demands on our time. Studies show that few of us manage to get enough sleep and this fatigue has consequences for safety and for corporate performance. Tired people make more mistakes, take more risks and are less able to do their jobs.

Fatigue was a cause of corporate disasters including Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island, and the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy. On a more day-to-day level, fatigued drivers cause 25% of fatal road accidents and £2 billion in motor insurance claims in the UK alone each year.

We use wearable technology, our bio-mathematical model of fatigue and an easy to use mobile app to PREDICT fatigue, PREVENT mistakes before they happen, MANAGE risk, and SAVE money and lives. 

Our current focus is on helping employers keep their drivers safe from accidents caused by fatigue but our team has experience of managing fatigue in industries including aviation, oil & gas, financial services, defence and more.

Fatigue risk can have a huge effect on you, your company, your stakeholders, and society as a whole. We give you the tools to assess and manage the risks associated with fatigue.   

Our Technology



We use consumer wearables to measure sleep. In our experience, users prefer being able to take advantage of the full range of features that consumer wearables offer rather than wearing a single-use device. 

If you use a particular wearable as part of your corporate wellness program, it can easily be integrated into our system.

We also offer a system which does not require the use of wearables.

Bio-mathematical Model


Our model is the result of decades of research and has been scientifically validated in many studies, across many settings and in many industries, ranging from air and road transport to healthcare and engineering . 

Its key advantage is that it allows us to PREDICT fatigue in advance so that mitigations can be put in place to MANAGE risk and PREVENT mistakes before they happen. 

Mobile App and Manager Module


Our experience has shown us that best results are achieved by taking 2 different approaches: 

Users need an easy to  use and simple to understand mobile app to help them with behavioural change; 

Managers need a detailed breakdown of fatigue information, anonymised where appropriate, to help manage the risks associated with fatigue. 

Our system provides both components in a convenient, well integrated, user-friendly way. 

Our Story


Our Founder & CEO

Our founder & CEO, Jason Eden, was a pilot and safety manager in the UK's Royal Air Force where he was a member of the Fatigue Risk Management Working Group for large aircraft. He designed and implemented a Fatigue Risk Management System for the crews and engineers at RAF Northolt and has used bio-mathematical models to study the effect of fatigue on cognitive performance in industries including aviation, defence, road transport, financial services and more.


The Beginning

Jason's interest in fatigue arose from an incident at the start of his flying career when he was a navigator on a maritime patrol aircraft. At 8pm one evening after a full day's work, he was told that a colleague had fallen ill and he would have to replace him on a flight later that night, reporting for duty at midnight. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to sleep at all in the time before midnight. After 3 hours of planning, the flight took-off in the early of the morning and continued for nearly 13 hours. On the return from the operating area, Jason awoke with start and noticed that the crew member next to him had also fallen asleep. Having made a pot of coffee for the rest of the crew, Jason walked through the aeroplane and found that every single one of the 13 person crew, including both pilots, was asleep - and he had no idea for how long.  

In the time since then, the RAF's fatigue management has improved massively and it is a leader in the field. Sadly, other safety critical, high-performance, high-consequence industries have not advanced in the same way. 

Image: WO Rick Brewell/MOD


Phil Read - COO

  Phil is a director with expertise in large scale business transformation change and operations excellence.  In the last 5+ years Phil has been involved in a portfolio of projects including exciting start-ups, second stage growth businesses as well as established businesses. 


 Prior to this, Phil has worked for top tier consulting firms delivering operational performance improvement with some of the biggest and progressive global corporates. Much of his experience has been focussed on driving operational transformation programmes in the Energy sector (Oil & Gas and Utilities), particularly in Exploration and Production.  

Industries and Sectors


 Managing fatigue gives you an advantage in any high-performance, high-consequence activity, whether that be on the trading floor in financial services, on the field of play in elite sports, or in the boardroom during a corporate crisis. In safety-critical industries such as healthcare, road and rail transportation, oil & gas, aviation, and civil engineering, managing fatigue is ESSENTIAL. We can also help INSURERS better understand the risks of fatigue to improve risk models, optimise pricing and reduce the cost of claims. 

  • Aviation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Defence
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Nuclear Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Sea Transport

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